jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008

Bienvenidos a mi blog!!!

Este blog fue una actividad que nos pidio el Prof. Juan Enrique Cabrales que nos imparte la materia de Ingles IV, con el proposito de desarrollar nuestra habilidad de escritura y tratar de comprender mejor el idioma. Sinceramente no fue completanmente de mi agrado pero con el paso del tiempo me di cuenta que me sirve de mucho para escribir y pensar en inglès.Es una buena pràctica se las recomiendo. Asi que no lo piensen y abran su blog. Se aprende mucho creanlo.

Gracias. Misiòn cumplida.


This picture was taken the day of the wedding of my cousin vanessa, it was a very special moment for me and my family because she is very care for my family, in this picture ruben, my mom, my sister maria, javier, vanessa, my dad and me :D !!! this night was full of magical moments, the wals, the mariachi, etc. the dinner was exelent, the cake and the wine, everything was perfect, for a perfect night.
Congratz vanessa and javier !!

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

events in order

One day I was walking on the beach and stopped to look at the waves. Suddenly, I thought I saw something struggling in the water. It looked like a man who was having a trouble swimming. At that moment, I reached for my glasses, and then remembered I'd left them at home. Just then, a big wave came, and the man was gone. At that moment I ran as fast as I could to get the lifeguard. After that, we arrived back t the spot where I had seen the man. When the lifeguard looked through his binoculars he said he didn't see anything. Iwas pretty embarrassed.The next day I bought a newspaper. There was an article about dolphins swimming near the shore. As soon as I read the article. I realized that I had seen a dolphin in the water - not a man!.After that I never went anywhere without my glasses again.


I left my home to go to work at the normal time. But on my way to work there was an accident. A womwn jumped from a third floor building and she fell on me. As soon as I arrived at work, my boss asked to speak to me. I knew he would never believe why I was late.


There are many ways to relax. Because stress is one of the mind reasons that affect your health, it is wise to find an easy and effective way to relax. From vigorous exercising to calmed and concentrated meditation, there is always a way to achieve relaxation. In order to find whichever method that best fits your personal style, you have to try them all.

Best friend!!

She is my best friend with whom I can always count.
Cristy thanks for all this time we have been together. You are my sister, companion, confidant, a great friend and so on. I love you very much and you can always rely on me.

Take care and recalling that I always will be at your side to do what you need.

Thanks for everything.

I love you titina!!!!

Creative person

Lucy Gomez is the most creative person I know. She started piano lessons when she was only 6 years old. At school, she was always creating interesting projects in her art class. When she was only 12 years old, she won a citywide poetry contest. Her parents were very proud of her.
Now lucy works as a sitcom writer for a popular Tv show . She works with a group of writers, and together they have to think of fresh ideas. They also have to come up with funny dialog for the actors on their show because the actors have to play believable characters that will make the audience laugh. It is not an easy job, but lucy does it well.
She starts work late in the morning and often works until 7 or 8 at night.
Lucy is very curious. She likes to travel and meet new people who have opinions that are different from hers. She often carries a notebook with her and writes down what she sees and hears. Lucy tells me that these new experience are a good source of ideas for her work. I always enjoy talking to her and am happy to know some as bright and creative as Lucy.